Cost Effective

We get it.  Budgets are tight.  Cash is even tighter.

That’s why we are flexible.  We provide cost-effective resources and favorable terms.  We can even accept equity payments in certain cases.  

We offer competitive rates and flexible arrangements, whether several days each week/month or a full-time engagement.  There are no entry-level staff, and you will not pay for recent grads to learn on the job.

There is no pressure to cross-sell incremental services. Deep Water Management is not looking to replace your audit, bookkeeping, tax, legal, software, custodian, or brokerage service providers. In fact, Deep Water Management is eager to work with all the key stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Perhaps you could use a more senior resource to face off with your auditors or large firm consultants. Perhaps you want an independent analysis before submitting your local financials to overseas headquarters. Maybe you need someone who can work across the teams and regional offices in your own company to drive better results on a project managed in-house. Maybe you just need a spare set of capable hands when a key manager has an extended unplanned absence or too many initiatives are hitting at once.

You need skilled management and execution resources on a practical budget.

Contact us. Let’s talk.