We support C-suite teams of smaller firms and regional heads of multinationals. We help growing startups build a platform for growth.  For larger Banking and Finance clients, our projects mitigate risk, enhance compliance, and/or improve financial performance.

We prepare startups & growing firms to effectively manage their business and be more successful when approaching prospective investors, lenders, suppliers and customers.  Services include financial modeling, cash flow budgeting & forecasting, business planning, scenario analysis & stress testing, working capital management, presentations for capital raising*, and ongoing advice on strategy, implementation, and operational improvement.  We can even fill your COO or CFO role on an interim basis.

Established Banking and Finance clients seek a more traditional menu of consulting services.   We work across functions (silos), coordinating with client internal controllers, IT department, regulatory reporting teams, external accountants, custodians, brokers and more.

No “Canned” Solutions

We are an extension of your management team.  We partner with you, whether for a single short-term project or ongoing management support a few days each month.

We target our Financial Services offerings at HK-based funds and local offices of international banks based overseas.  These firms often need a just few days of attention every month to assist with financial analysis, budgeting, and management reporting.  We can also provide a “sanity check” to validate numbers prepared accountants and custodians and follow up on unexpected findings.

Short-term, full-time projects can include new reporting system implementation, business continuity plan development, or local execution of overseas regulatory mandates (Sarbanes-Oxley, Risk and Control Self-Assessments, Risk Incident Capture Process, etc). Deep Water Management can work with your in-house resources and/or supplement engagement teams from larger consultancies.

The simplest engagement type is “staff augmentation”, also known as contracting. Our staff go onsite to join in-house teams for a specific project or term. The most common cases would be maternity coverage or other extended absence of key personnel.   We can work alongside your staff and “Big 4” consultants.

We don’t send teams of fresh grads to implement the paradigm du jour.  You get hands-on professionals with management and execution experience.  You get senior resources at junior billing rates.

If this is what you need, give us a call.