Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who are you?

A: Our founder is Steve Stanton.  He came to Hong Kong in 2010 after a dozen years of consulting and in-house management  in banks, startups and interim roles.  Prior experience includes Morgan Stanley, Arthur Andersen, a Swiss private bank, and the largest investment bank in UAE.  Our extended resource network includes senior leaders from compliance, accounting, consulting and HR backgrounds.


Q: How much do you charge?

A: That’s not how this works.  See this page for more background: Fees


Q: Why the name “Deep Water”?

A: When this firm was launched, our founder spent early mornings in Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay, training himself and coaching his club and corporate teams to achieve excellence in Dragon Boat and Outrigger paddling races around the world.  Our firm embodies that same unyielding commitment to excellence: Performance comes from preparation.  Hard work beforehand ensures flawless execution when it counts.


Q: Why not have better questions on this page?

A: Because nobody asked (yet).  Send us your questions, and we may post them here.


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